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1969 – Paintings and Prints, PWSM Gallery, Warsaw

1970 – Paintings and Prints, Woodstock Gallery, London

1972 – Paintings and Prints, Richard Bradley Atelier, Billingford, England

1973 – Paintings – Drawings – Prints, Christian M. Nebehay Galerie, Vienna

Human Landscapes and Screens, Gallery Wspolczesna, Warsaw

1974 – Tableaux, Galerie Lambert, Paris

1975 – Paintings and Drawings, Pryzmat Gallery, Cracow

1976 – Paintings and Drawings, Zapiecek Gallery, Warsaw

Paintings, Galerie Länderbank, Graz, Austria

1977 – Within the Limits of the Human Landscape, Nowa Gallery, Poznan

Paintings, National Museum, Wroclaw

Paintings, Sciana Wschodnia, Warsaw

1979 – Within Our Four Walls, Installation, Sciana Wschodnia, Warsaw

1980 – Fixed, Installation, Critics’ Gallery, Warsaw

Human Landscapes, Art Gallery, Middlesborough, England

1982 – Room of Memories, Installation, Helen Shlien Gallery, Boston

1984 – Villa dei Misteri, Installation, Art in General, New York

Fall in Princeton, Outdoor Installation at Carnegie Lake, Princeton, NJ

Skin, Outdoor Installation, Princeton Woods, Princeton, NJ

1985 – Seven Black Chairs in the Snow, Outdoor Installation, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

1986 – Membranes of Memory, Centro de Arte y Comunicación, Buenos Aires

Imprints, Justus-Liebig University, Giessen, Germany

Membranes, Kunststation, Kleinsassen, Germany

1987 – Theater of Love, Mobius, Boston

1988 – Drawings, Art Gallery, Catholic University, Lublin, Poland

September – Remember, Outdoor Installation, National Humanities Center, R.T.P., NC

1989 – Shrouds, Installation, Studio TM, Warsaw

Winter in North Carolina, Outdoor Installation, National Humanities Center, R.T.P., NC

1990 – Skin/Sky – Red/Blue, Drawritings, Installation, Art in General, New York

1992 – Sunset for the Three Survivors, Outdoor Installation, University of California, San Diego

1994 – Drawings & Installations, Radziwill Palace, Nieborów

Drawings & Installations, ZPAP Gallery, Warsaw

1995 – Who’s This Mysterious Boy?, Manhattan Gallery, 8th International Triennale of Tapestry, Lodz

1996 – Three Chairs and a Shroud, Installation, Gerlesborgsskolan, Hamburgsund, Sweden

1997 – Drawings on Paper (1974-1978), Artemis Gallery, Cracow

Installations (1977-1997), Manggha, Center for Japanese Art and Technology, Cracow

1998 – The Secret Life of Clothes, Installation, Artium Gallery, Fukuoka

2000 – Trio for the Hidden (Installation) & Self-portraits in Photography, Artemis Gallery, Cracow

Self-portraits on Paper and Cloth, and in Photography, Galerie Irene Sagan, Essen

2001 – Cotton Skins, Installation, Latitude 53, Edmonton, Canada

2002 – A Woman Artist, Austrian Cultural Forum, Bratislava

2003 – Air People, Retrospective, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw

2004 – Bonjour, Rolo, Performance & Installation, Château de la Petite Malmaison

2005 – Taboo, Installation, Artemis Gallery, Cracow

2009 – Kangaroo with the Camera & Ship, Installation, Artemis Art Gallery, Cracow

–  Paris in Warsaw,  rekonstruction of Kuryluk's Painting Exhibition at the Galerie Lambert, Paris,
1974 & New Autophotographs, Art+on, Warszawa

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