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1969 – Prints and Drawings by Students of the Academy of Fine Arts, Klub Medyka, Warsaw

1972 – 4th International Print Biennial, Cracow

1974 – O Poprawe, Theater Studio Gallery, Warsaw

1975 – Generation XXX, ZPAP Gallery, Warsaw

Kontraste, Rank Xerox Austria Drawing Competition, Österreichisches Museum für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna; Wolfgang-Gurlitt-Museum, Linz; Trakl-Haus, Salzburg; Redutensaal, Opernhaus, Graz

– 5th International Biennial Matmedia Exhibition, Dickinson State College, NC

O Poprawe, ZPAP Gallery, Warsaw

Malerei – Zeichnung – Graphik – Skulptur, Amerlinghaus, Vienna

– Maitage, Ausstellungsgelände, Vienna

1976 – 6th Fine Arts Festival, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw

I Love Hell, Teatr Stu, Cracow

Year of the Political Prisoner – Amnesty International, Reinhardt-Seminar, Vienna

1977 – Contemporary Polish Art, Nevers and Reims, France

Figurative Approach 2, Fischer Fine Arts, London

Cream, MDM Gallery, Warsaw

To Be Continued, Installation under the Poniatowski Bridge, Warsaw

1978 – 7th Fine Arts Festival, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw

Figurative Approach 3, Fischer Fine Arts, London

K. Kawalerowicz Presents, Critics’ Gallery, Warsaw

W. Skrodzki Presents, Critics’ Gallery, Warsaw

1979 – Documents of Reality, National Museum, Warsaw

Gallery Artists, Sciana Wschodnia, Warsaw

W. Skrodzki Presents, Critics’ Gallery, Warsaw

1980 – International Art Fair, Basel

Labyrinth, MDM Gallery, Warsaw

Drawings and Commentaries, Muzeum Okregowe, Radom

1981 – Biennal de Arte, Medellin, Colombia

– International Drawing Biennial, Wroclaw

Perspective, Illusion, Illusionism, National Museum, Warsaw

Garden of Knowledge, MDM Gallery, Warsaw

Paintings and Drawings, BWA, Cracow

1982 – 12th International Sculpture Conference, San Francisco

– Arteder 82, Feria Internacional, Bilbao, Spain

1983 – International 2, Kunststation, Kleinsassen, Germany

1984 – Art and Ego, Pan Arts, New York

Art for Someone Else’s Home, Fashion Moda, New York

1985 – Textile Sculpture, 12th International Biennial of Tapestry, Musée des Beaux Arts, Lausanne

Eastern Europe, El Bahio, New York

1986 – The Richard Demarco Gallery 20th Anniversary Exhibition, 40th International Festival, Edinburgh

Chess in Art, Muzeum Okregowe, Czestochowa, Poland

The American Experience, Contemporary Immigrant Artists, Bass Museum of Art, Miami Beach;
The Balch Institute, Philadelphia; Lakeviev Museum, Peoria, Illinois

1988 – Embodiment/Personification, Art in General, New York

– 4th International Drawing Triennale, Wroclaw

1989 – Labyrinth, Kosciol Wniebowstapienia Panskiego, Warsaw

1991 – Polish Women Artists: 1500-1990, National Museum, Warsaw

Being, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw

Sacred and Profane, BWA, Czestochowa

1992 – Voices of Freedom: Polish Women Artists and the Avantgarde, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C.

– 5th International Drawing Triennale, Wroclaw

Ten Years Later, Contemporary Polish Drawing, Muzeum Okregowe, Radom, Poland

1993 – We – Today, ZPAP Poznan, Poland

The Elements, Willa Gallery, Lodz; ZPAP Gallery, Warsaw

Textile Miniatures, American Center, Warsaw

Amici di Tworki, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw

1994 – Ars Erotica, National Museum, Warsaw

1996 – Women about Women, BWA, Bielsko-Biala

1997 – Small Drawings, National Museum, Gdansk

1999 – Amici di Tworki, Polish Institute, Paris

2000 – Drawings for Our Century’s End, Pokaz Gallery, Warsaw

2001 – The War Within, Center of Polish Sculpture, Oronsko

2002 – What Does It See, the Dead Man’s Glassy Eye, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw

2008 – The Artists of Cream Thirty Years Later, The State Art Gallery, Sopot

2009 – Gender Check, Museum Moderner Kunst Stieftung Ludwig, Vienna

2010 – Gender Check, ZachÍta National Gallery, Warsaw

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