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1999-2000 Print


1-3 Zacheta National Galery, Warsaw, 2003 | 4-5 Artemis Gallery, Cracow, 2000

The installation Trio for the Hidden was completed in spring 2000 in Paris. The backstory is found in my novel Century 21 written in 1988 in New York City and in Trio for the Hidden, a small novel in letters about the flute virtuoso Marsyas and other musicians “skinned alive.”

1-6 Details of Curtain, Paris, 2000

My mother called our Warsaw home on Frascati Street “our Italy” and after the war we lived there as in a little ghetto dedicated to art and our own brand of commedia dell’arte, yet given to terror and alarm. The masks are modelled after those worn by Venetian doctors and grave diggers during the plague, and they are symbolic of mental plague when individual faces are perceived as identical masks. Plague survivors often remain in hiding and with masks grown to their faces.

1-2 Cellist & Flutist, Bois de Vincennes, 1999 | 3 Violinist Hiding, Pont Aven (Brittany), 2003 | 4 Flutist, Paris, 1999 | 5 Piano & Eyes, mixed media on eucalyptus leaves, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, 2003
6 the piano of my mother (and her mother Paulina?) in our Warsaw apartment

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